Supporting our Neighbours

As all of you know, Birmingham and indeed Digbeth was the scene of acts of mindless vandalism this week.

We heard on Wednesday that Bordesley Street Diner had their windows broken but continued to trade, Ideal Skateboard Supply was also hit, and The Lamp Tavern sustained injuries not only to the building but also to the landlord. What many of you may not know, is how our local shops, pubs and other businesses have been affected by all this.

Hennessey’s Bar also had some windows broken, the shell of a burned out white van is still parked on Bordesley Street (near the junction with Milk Street), and The Karczma Polish Restaurant was also ransacked – two TVs, all their electrical equipment and their cash register was stolen.

All these businesses are not faceless corporations, but local people wanting to serve and indeed improve the community they live in. They all form an important part of our community, the very fabric, if not life-blood of Digbeth.

In the aftermath of these events, I would like to make a plea to encourage you all to help these businesses back on their feet by using them as much as possible – Can you buy your coffee at Eastside Cafe rather than Starbucks? Can you buy your morning newspaper in Nisa Local rather than Tesco? Can you go out for a meal at The Karczma instead of Pizza Express?

I am sure they will all appreciate your support and anything you can do to help.

It’s times like these that we as a community need to club together to show that we will not be broken. It’s also all the more reason to attend locally-organised events such as Digbeth Fun Day and the Digbeth O’Lympics (2011’s event to be hypothetically organised soon) to get to know your neighbours as well as your pigeons!

Hopefully the disturbances are now over and we can get back to normal. Stay safe and have a lovely weekend.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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