An Ode to Digbeth

We recently came across a local poet, Sean Farrell, who is making humorous tongue-in-cheek documentaries of Birmingham via the medium of poetry.

The final collection will cover around fifty different areas in Birmingham, but Sean has very kindly shared his thoughts on Digbeth below.

The poem has been reproduced exactly how it was sent to us. Enjoy!


(sing)Somewhere up by the rainbow
gun shots cry
it used to be fun and made out of custard
now Birds is the “in” place to die

1 million sheepsters
chomp monster munch on sarnies
from under train tracks
bearded kitsch subway armies

organic popcorn cider
from a pop up micro brewery
served by jesus on a fixed wheel bike
that looked like ian dury

eating meat free trifle
served by thor in a pinny
im served a poached pizza in an envelope
and naked chips from the boot of a mini

independent sheepsters
At the o2 institute
eat bacon stuffed spangles
£9 to the destitute

shorditches bitch
camdem with hand guns
digbeths got an itch
Infested with a million charles mansons

buying vinyl to get conveted to Mp3
buying typewriters and then just email me
nomadic ramblers land in uber cars
take ketchup out a bottle and store it in jars

lets eat food ,
lets tattoo swallows on our hands
lets eat street food
Bitcoins pay the busking band

pop up shop after shop
after 3 weeks they drop
custard factory rates sore
and will take all you got

independants try hard,
stand proud in your premesis
you will rise and fall
and custards your nemisis

national express was still standing
while the dubliner was sinking
letting clampers rule your car parks
what the fuck was you thinking ?

The rise of the suburbs
the reinvention of our city
Nostalgia aint what it used to be
Now ain’t that a pity

keep doing it, keep brewing it
And popping up your shops
Well keep sitting on wooden pallets
In sandals & socks

hipsters keep coming
They wont ever stop sheeping
Man buns ….and man braids
My heart is slowly weeping

But you’re part of my heart
And while suburbia is sleeping
Like a fine piece of art
Digbeths worth keeping

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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