An Open Letter from DRA to Businesses of Digbeth

Many new businesses have chosen to start-up in Digbeth, and they continue to receive our support as they grow. Most operate with the intention of making a positive contribution to the area, while providing much-needed services to the residents of Digbeth and beyond. But some are less than responsible.

Incidents in recent weeks have highlighted that some retailers in Digbeth are choosing to sell uncontrolled substances, commonly known as ‘legal highs’. These products can be sold to almost anyone regardless of age, and just because they are legal does not make them either right or safe.

The vast majority of businesses in Digbeth are managed well, and support DRA’s mission to build a safer, cleaner and friendlier environment. However, we are concerned about businesses irresponsibly choosing to sell uncontrolled substances to the public and thus putting the health – and possibly the lives – of others at risk. These businesses are both damaging the image of Digbeth, and undermining the efforts of the more socially-aware businesses who work with us.

Digbeth Residents Association feels compelled to withdraw our support from those that retail, advertise or tolerate the sale of legal highs – as we would for any other business that puts making an unhealthy profit ahead of running a socially responsible enterprise.

Digbeth Residents Association hopes that sense will prevail and that these products will be voluntarily removed from sale in the area.

John Gordon
Chair of Digbeth Residents Association

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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