BBC pledge to invest further in Birmingham

At the latest Birmingham Day in the Commons, which this time focussed on creative industries, the BBC admitted that they may have “neglected” Birmingham in the past.

However, Tommy Nagra, Head of Business Development for BBC Birmingham, is determined to change this. He spoke at the event highlighting a series of investments including the creation of the Guerrilla Group in Digbeth.

Mr Nagra also reaffirmed May’s announcement that the BBC Academy will move to Birmingham in 2015, alongside the BBC’s human resources and internal communications departments.

BBC Birmingham will become a centre of excellence for skills, talent and digital innovation in the heart of the country.

We hope that some of the economic benefits derived from the BBC’s moves into Birmingham will be felt in Digbeth. However, the likelihood is that most of the functions and staff will be housed in the existing BBC Birmingham offices in the Mailbox, which are currently not operating to capacity.

Although this is a positive announcement overall for the city, we’ll have to wait and see what effect it has on the creative industries, and Digbeth in particular.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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