Be Discreet On The Street

West Midlands Police are reminding local communities to keep their valuables safe including mobile phones and jewellery.

WMP are committed to reducing crime and are using tactics such as targeted patrols and crime prevention tips to prevent any increase in thefts this summer. The warmer temperatures can contribute to a rise in offences, as necklaces and bangles are more visible.

You can help prevent opportunities for offenders to steal your valuables by following some simple crime prevention advice:

  • Always keep your jewellery and valuables out of sight in a safety deposit box. Secured by Design has a Home Office approved website offering a range of security products that have been awarded the Police Preferred Specification status.
  • Keep an inventory of your jewellery – take photographs and note the value, purchase date and any distinguishing features. You can do this in paper or online here.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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