Beorma Quarter back on track


Plans for the Beorma Quarter – named after the Anglo-Saxon king who gave his name to the city of Birmingham – were first mooted in 2008. However, after several delays, the development is now back on track according to the Business Desk.

Birmingham City Council approved plans for the first phase of the £150m Beorma Quarter development, funded by Salhia, one of Kuwait’s leading real estate development and investment companies.

The finished scheme will comprise offices, leisure and retail space, a hotel and public square. The centerpiece of the development will be a 27-storey tower. Phase one, which is scheduled to start in September, will include the refurbishment of the grade II-listed cold storage building on Digbeth High Street into offices with ground floor retail and restaurant space.


Salhia signed an agreement with HSBC in January to fund the first phase, with the bank providing more than £10m. Aziz AlNafisi, investment group head at Salhia, said: “I’m confident that we’ll be in a position to start on site come the Autumn.”

“Salhia is investing in the city as much as it is investing in the Beorma Quarter. It is not simply planning to build and sell up. Salhia wants to be in Birmingham for years to come.”

What do residents think of the development? Great use of a derelict site in a prime location in Digbeth, or an eyesore? Use the comments function to leave your views.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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2 Responses

  1. Joss says:

    Its a good step in the right direction,the edgy look of the project compliments Digbeths’ alternative vibe. In my opinion any (almost) development in that area of Birmingham is welcome, it is a part of the city center that really needs expanding and improving, particularly being so close to Moore Street Station, Selfridges and St Martins Church..

    However, I tend to find modern architecture looks great on paper but up close in the flesh, it actually looks very cheap and tacky. Just another mass of tinted blue glass and unflattering geometric shapes.

    Nothing new, nothing original, dull and stereotypical of ‘modern’ architecture. In a nutshell, soulless and done on the cheap.

    From the images I can see my main concern would be the corner structure opposite Digbeth police station. It has its pros, but this is exactly the type of structure that would quickly deteriorate in damp weather conditions and look appalling up close.

    There would appear to be more attention to detail, time and care invested solely in the design of the police station tower on the corner than in the whole of the proposed building that would sit opposite.

    The centerpiece of the project, the tower, is not massively to my taste however It would be a welcome addition to Birmingham skyline and is a ‘statement piece’ if you will.
    Its the other buildings that I’m concerned about, the buildings that are not center stage but will have a big impact on the surrounding area, the smaller details that need to be looked at and not just whitewashed over with computerized graphics.

    I hope the architect gives this project some real attention and makes each building architecturally significant in its own right.

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