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In a departure from usual offerings on this blog, friend of Digbeth Gerard Glenholmes-Walsh wrote a poem about our glorious city, and we wanted to share it with you.

Gerard explained: “I spent Sunday in Manchester and it hit me how Birmingham doesn’t shout about being Birmingham anywhere enough compared to other cities. This is what I think of Birmingham; some of you may agree, some may not. Either way, it was fun doing something different for an evening.”

Birmingham is everything, so why don’t we see it? With so many types of people you can’t even say shit.
Birmingham is the centre of a nation, it connects all walks of life. New Street is the beacon we should look to in strife. It’s what connects North and South, East and West the gateway to other worlds, to aid in any conquest.
Birmingham is the young, we should plan for tomorrow! So take care of your city she will help you on the morrow.
Birmingham is the elderly who built what’s around us, we may not always agree but their meaning is still just and what’s best to remember it shouldn’t divide us.
Birmingham is St.Patrick’s Day, Ramadan, Eid and Diwali, so all year around there’s always a party.
Birmingham is the Millennials, the hipsters and homeless. Part of the City as much as us.
Birmingham is the gays, we all love their village! We accept sexual preferences, that’s how you play cricket.
Birmingham is Central Mosque, it’s always a laugh. Kind, caring people who will tell you you’re daft!
Birmingham is the Irish they built this city from the ground up, remember that when you’re sat on the 30th flood somewhere taking a dump.
Birmingham is the smell of your neighbours Balti, maybe a curry or two? Childhood memories that will always ring true.
Birmingham is the ravers on a Sunday Morning, absolutely no sleep but they’ll soon be snoring.
Birmingham is the football fans who have felt much pain, they are a beating heart in this city and we should embrace them, not shame.
Birmingham is the smell of Chocolate over all of Bournville, remember being a kid sitting on the Lickey Hills?
Birmingham is art, both Conventional and Street, so why do we talk about Banksy when we have Digbeth high street?
Birmingham is the Fluzey, her jacuzzi gone, broken for years she’s now got a garden where that stood upon.
Birmingham is the grass, the parks, the trees, the green, so why don’t we cherish all of this beauty that we see?
Birmingham is the canals, have you heard they’re longer than venice? I’ve heard this a million times, I can’t take all the credit.
Birmingham is protest, because we won’t take your shit, so don’t bring you EDL down here, Birmingham’s having none of it.
Birmingham is a place where free speech is everything, so when you step up with your hate Birmingham got.. the.. Ting.
Birmingham had Joe P who discovered Oxygen, yet people have this idea because we speak slowly we’re dumb.
Birmingham is wit, we carry an abundance, we’ll cut you down to shreds, if you ever step up to us.
Birmingham is the bullet in the WW2 Gun, she did not submit to Hitler and she won’t do to anyone.
Birmingham is Culture, we’ve see it everywhere, all types of religions should really try to care. Labels too often divide us, this issue is clear, so why don’t we stand together and give Birmingham its cheer?
Birmingham is a growing brand to the world outside, but we are the people and we’ve always known its upside.
Birmingham is bostin, enit and blud. We may all took different but surely that’s good?Alas all being the same would all be a bore, so greet your neighbour, you’re less likely to be punched in the jaw.
Birmingham is the constant underdog, that’s what they say.. Well I’m sick of this bull shit, Birmingham will have it her way.
Birmingham is my city, our city and yours! So why don’t we stop this shit before she falls?
Birmingham is a tribe, of all types of creed. So why not come together before it’s too late, I’m begging you, please.
Birmingham is everything and more, it transcends all politics, remember this when we debate, and start to get bored. This city is there for the taking, go ahead, take it…….it’s yours.
That was my tale it’s all said and done. So now to you all, I ask anyone, why don’t we shout about our city? I’d love to know. The answer to that question unfortunately, we may never know.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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