Brum Dine is a new food and music blog for Birmingham, and has been introduced as follows:

The purpose of this is simple. Each week a specific area of the city will be targeted, and a restaurant and music venue will be selected that can be found nearby. These venues will be visited; the food tasted, and the music listened to. A review of each will be posted to, giving a review for one restaurant and one music venue. The review will then provide information on upcoming events and offers, giving you ideas for your next evening experience in Birmingham.

With so many award-winning restaurants in Digbeth, along with our legendary music venues, it’s fitting that the first reviews are from our little part of the city! As the author quite rightly postulated: “This week will be focused on a night out in Digbeth, arguably the city’s most vibrant setting for an exciting evening out.”

As it turns out, the author had a lot of positive things to say about CJs Caribbean and drinks in the Adam & Eve. Read all about it here.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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