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A bit of an unusual story, but we thought it was important to share this bit of good that happened in Digbeth earlier this week…

Friends of Warwick Bar is a Facebook group started by Digbeth residents (and Community Award winners) Alison Tuck and Louise Moore who live on the canal at Warwick Bar. The ladies have taken guardianship of the stretch of canal that runs through Digbeth to improve the environment for everyone, while also hoping to encourage more people to use the canal.

Regular canal clean-up days are run on the first Sunday of every month to help keep the area tidy, and the ladies have also engaged in a spot of painting here and there to ensure fences, benches and walls are kept free of graffiti. Recently, however, someone who was meant to be delivering leaflets for Cairo Express, a local restaurant/takeaway, dumped hundreds of flyers on the canal, so Alison decided to take action:

Dear Sir,
I am emailing you to inform you that hundreds of your leaflets have been dumped on the canal towpath just off Fazeley Street, Birmingham.
I run a group which looks after our inland waterways for the Canal and River Trust. We clean and maintain this part of the canal on a voluntary basis.
I am informing you of this since I thought you would like to know that whoever you paid to distribute your leaflets hasn’t and has just dumped them on the towpath.
I would appreciate it if you would arrange for the removal of these, as I think it’s unfair for our volunteers to do it.
Kind regards,

Perhaps surprisingly, the manager of the restaurant came over the next day and collected all the discarded leaflets, and we think this kind of good citizenship should be rewarded with a virtual pat on the back for Cairo Express!

Thank you for being good neighbours, and we hope you find perhaps a more trustworthy individual to deliver your leaflets next time 🙂

If you’d like to lend a hand to the clean up operation, the next clean up day will take place on Sunday 3 April from 10:00-14:00, the meeting point is Minerva Works on Fazeley Street Digbeth (B5 5RT).

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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