A couple of Sunday mornings ago I was sat in my flat in Digbeth and instead of the usual silence from the road below, I heard some dubstep beats coming from Green Street.

Investigating, I saw a group of men clearly filming a music video. Thirty minutes later, they were on their way, but little did I know that group of people consisted of Mike Skinner and Murkage.

Who? Mike Skinner, of The Streets fame and local Birmingham boy.

Tonga Balloon started out as the rap, grime and dubstep club night ran by Mike Skinner and Murkage Dave little over a year ago, but has now developed into a stand-alone entity. The video for their new single, CCTV, featuring Jaykae and Mayhem NODB, was filmed right here in our very own Digbeth.

As well as Green Street, other locations in the video include Digbeth Police Station, Nisa Local, The Anchor Inn, The Spotted Dog, Digbeth Coach Station, and Rea Street. There are some visuals of the Bullring and the retail markets too.

The single is available now to buy from iTunes, or stream from Spotify, and you can watch the video in its full glory below.

Digbeth is getting more and more famous by the day!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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