Connaught Square – A bridge too far?

Recently we published Digbeth Residents Association’s comments in response to the planning application for Connaught Square.

Joe Holyoak focused on the development in his latest column in the Birmingham Mail and Birmingham Post, and we’ve included some choice comments below:

“Connaught Square contains 100 metres of the river Rea, which bisects the site. The river is Digbeth’s invisible asset. Several bridges will cross the river at Connaught Square, including one outside the apartments front door which, at 32 metres wide, makes a small square, with a café on one edge.

Leaning on a balustrade, gazing down at the water, is part of the universal experience of being on a bridge, and there are few opportunities to do it in Birmingham. Making new bridges is to be encouraged, but at Connaught Square, too much of the river is covered. Every bridge is enclosed by head-height glass screens. This is a bad design decision and contradictory to the general strategy.

Is someone scared about people falling in?”

Read the article in full with Joe’s other comments here.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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