Conservative growth in Digbeth?

Fazeley Studios recently played host to an array of Conservative MPs and local businesses coming together to discuss how to stimulate creative growth in the UK and the transformation that is happening in Digbeth.

The ‘Creative Hub’ was organised as part of the Conservative Party Conference, which took place in Birmingham for the third year running. The first session saw a panel discuss creative industries, start ups and growth. Digbeth-based creative businesses were then invited to join the second session, The Creative Economy, to highlight the current challenges they face.

Lucan Gray, owner and founder of Fazeley Studios and co-owner of the Custard Factory, said: “It was quite striking to see three senior government ministers and three MPs holding a packed Conservative Party fringe event. I am pleased to report that our VIP visitors went away happy, promising to return.”

Photos from the event follow below:

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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