Crofts & Assinder

We know that Digbeth is the birth place of industry in Birmingham, but this is a name you’re probably not familiar with, even though the company was established here in 1875…

Crofts & Assinder Limited has a long and proud history in the design and manufacture of quality handles and fittings, counting Rolls-Royce among its customers.

In 1875 George Crofts and Fredrick Assinder commenced trading as brass founders in Lombard Street, Digbeth. From the very beginning, they specialised in the design and manufacture of cabinet handles and fittings, meaning that the company now has over 140 years’ specialist experience.

Their product range spans design influences from 1875 right through to the modern era, and they are also able to offer an exclusive bespoke design service to cater for any needs.

The firm’s products have been used in a host of famous landmark buildings including London’s Ritz and Waldorf hotels, the White House in Washington, and even on the Titanic!

Well I never!

For more information, see the Crofts & Assinder website here.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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