Decolonise Not Diversify

When: Saturday 8th October, 10:00-21:00
Where: Impact Hub Birmingham, 58 Oxford Street, Digbeth, B5 5NY
Tickets: £10 (available online here)

Art Against the Grain presents Decolonise Not Diversify, a one-day festival designed to challenge dominant narratives, which will be held at Impact Hub Birmingham next month.

“The concept of diversity only exists if there is an assumed neutral point from which ‘others’ are ‘diverse.’ Putting aside for now the straight, male, middle-classness of that ‘neutral’ space, its dominant aspect is whiteness. Constructed by a white establishment, the idea of ‘diversity’ is neo-liberal speak. It is the new corporatized version of multiculturalism… We don’t talk about racism, just ‘lack of diversity.’”
Kavita Bahnot

The day will explore the of race and gender through visual art, performance, literature, media, academia, politics, and entrepreneurship. As well as open conversations, there will be workshops and a DIY art exhibition/marketplace.

Tickets are available now via Eventbrite.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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