Digbeth Community Awards 2016

The Digbeth Community Awards were announced at the December 2016 DRA meeting. Unfortunately, the winners were unable to attend to receive their awards in person, but we’ve been on a bit of an (extended) recce to visit all our winners and congratulate them in person!

The 2016 winners are:

BabMag is a free magazine that was nominated for “putting the spotlight on Digbeth’s creative businesses and individuals”. It was launched in March 2016, and as well as celebrating creativity, has been acting a platform to introduce new and unknown talent to the masses, while also profiling established creative talent.

Pictured: John Bryan (Editor in Chief) and Callum Barnes (Creative Director) receiving their Digbeth Community Award.

John and Sean Tighe at The Spotted Dog
If you know Digbeth, you know that the epicentre of our area is The Spotted Dog (otherwise known as the asylum!). Landlord John Tighe and his son Sean were nominated “for welcoming ideas and creating opportunities to executive them in their magical community resource, disguised as a charming pub”.

Stefan Hogan
Last, but by no means least, the final award was for Stefan Hogan, the cleaner at Abacus. Now although it is Stefan’s role to look after the inside of the building for residents, his job does not stretch to the outside of Abacus. However, Stefan regularly goes above and beyond by tidying up litter and rubbish dumped on Warwick Street, Alcester Street, and even at the Bradford Street bus stops.

John at The Spotted Dog also takes care of the pavement and road by his establishment on Warwick Street, but if all businesses took the time to maintain the street outside their premises, Digbeth would be much cleaner and improved for everyone!

Pictured: Stefan Hogan receiving his Digbeth Community Award.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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