Digbeth vs JQ?

ClDhkFpUoAAd8ADOn Tuesday 21st June, a debate was held at Fazeley Studios to discuss the relative merits of the Jewellery Quarter versus Digbeth.

Unfortunately, we were unable to attend, but over 100 others were present. Birmingham Post editor, Stacey Barnfield, has put together a great and balanced review of the event here.

Amongst other things, Stacey noted that both areas are both unique, steeped in manufacturing heritage, and are facing enormous opportunities and challenges.

The Jewellery Quarter is home to the highest concentration of listed building (over 200) anywhere in the country, whereas “the edgy, cheeky, and very raw Digbeth” was not only the birthplace of Birmingham, but is home to two conservation areas and some of the country’s best street art and urban festivals.

A wide variety of themes were discussed at the event (including identity, gentrification, perception of crime, aesthetics, accessibility and land and rent values), with the conclusion that both areas are equally important to the future of the city, and both need to be managed differently to realise their full potential.

Click here to read Stacey’s article in full.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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