DRA at the 2013 St Patrick’s Day Parade

As ever, Digbeth Residents Association was out to support yesterday’s St Patrick’s Day Parade! To see photos from the parade from DRA and other Tweeters, please see the story below.

If you’d like to join in next year’s festivities, please be sure to email contact@mydigbeth.co.uk, and we’ll ensure to keep you updated!

St Patricks Day 2013

Digbeth Residents Association (DRA) supported the St Patrick’s Day Parade again in 2013. Here is a selection of photos and live tweets from DRA from 17th March 2013.

Storified by Digbeth Residents· Sun, Mar 17 2013 16:15:50

We’re here! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/99yzeANAqYDigbeth Residents
Family fun at the Parade! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/UotBnWLgnpDigbeth Residents
RT @levinuk78: The pipers are assembling, it can only be #StPatricksDay in #digbeth http://pic.twitter.com/3OT47nZr8V #stpatricksbrumDigbeth Residents
DRA member Joe getting into the Irish spirit! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/Mtu1hfz4Z7Digbeth Residents
Huge crowds at the Parade! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/jAIr9OeNlyDigbeth Residents
Residents above Subway go fishing for an #Irish flag! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/4zSmBAGoP2Digbeth Residents
RT @tattyoldvw: Bit busy earlier! #stpatricksday #digbeth #brum http://pic.twitter.com/JlqC2hwTb0 #stpatricksbrumDigbeth Residents
Can you see yourself?! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/2ogB4r2qmtDigbeth Residents
Support your Birmingham, support your markets! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/CQcCE35gmLDigbeth Residents
"RT @tattyoldvw: One for the folks over at @mydigbeth! #digbeth http://pic.twitter.com/KKTTBHyqYt" <- Great photo! Thank you! #stpatricksbrumDigbeth Residents
MT @aftabrahman: The Bangla lads are ready to serve up #Guinness Balti @digbeth @SpotDogDigbeth http://pic.twitter.com/YOqyxPjX7a #stpatricksbrumDigbeth Residents
…and finally a drink in @spotdogdigbeth! Well, it is tradition! #stpatricksbrum http://pic.twitter.com/MT1W4MshEJDigbeth Residents

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