Edible Eastside Expansion

Edible Eastside first came to Digbeth three years ago, but 2015 is when we will hopefully see some major growth.

There are plans to establish a commercial kitchen and learning space in a back room of 122 Fazeley Street (k4 architects offices). This will help realise the aim of having a working kitchen alongside the garden, which now supplies high-end niche ingredients to Michelin-starred chefs in the city. Edible Eastside also has good working relationships with BCU, Hotel La Tour, and various artists in the extended community.

Edible Eastside also hopes to expand along the Persimmon Strip (a narrow piece of land just next to the canal entrance on Fazeley Street) with a poly-tunnel to increase growing capability. The vision is that by 2016 the Kitchen cooking school will relocate to Digbeth, completing the ‘farm to fork’ circle.

There will also be the introduction of new levels of membership to increase those using the space too. The proposed levels are key holders, plot holders and Veg-Box VIPs (where food is grown for you). As strategic partners, Digbeth Residents Association has supported Edible Eastside’s planning application; we wish them luck and continued success!

For more information, visit the new Edible Eastside website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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