Eurovision @ The Spotted Dog

When: Saturday 26th May, 19:00 onwards
Where: The Spotted Dog, Warwick Street, Digbeth

Yes, we know Eurovision can be Eurotrash, but with friends and a sense of humour, it can actually be a bit of a laugh!

The Spotted Dog will be showing the contest in it’s full Eurotastic glory on Saturday, along with a DJ, BBQ and an opportunity to show Graham Norton how it should be done on the karaoke.

Free entry, fancy dress optional, but residents are advised to look out for:

  • Over-elaborate performance/costume/stage design
  • Performers singing a ballad sat on stools, and then standing up at the key change
  • Streakers/stage invaders
  • A sarcastic comment from Mr Norton
  • “Wardrobe malfunctions”
  • Other Eurovision cliches besides

See you there!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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