Green Street Play

When: Friday 16 – Sunday 18 October 2015
Where: Green Street Arts, 22 Green Street, Digbeth, B12 0NB

The NSPCC are asking people to hold Go Green events to raise money for their ChildLine Schools Service, which aims to visit every primary school to give children the knowledge to help stop abuse. To support the cause, Green Street Arts will Go Greener for the NSPCC, hosting a series of events from Friday 16th until Sunday 18th October 2015.

Green Street is an open collective of artists and musicians that aim to facilitate the creation of art in the community. Their studio on Green Street in Digbeth will be temporarily converted into an indoor/outdoor sensory park for the duration of the event, creating an experience that removes visitors from their industrial surroundings and transports them somewhere magical to explore and play.

The space will comprise living gardens filled with plants, fruits, herbs, trees, streams and water features to create an interactive sensory park. The unusual indoor/outdoor space will be populated with sculptures, paintings and various other interactive art exhibits from local and international artists. Utilising sound, light and kinetics to create interactive art installations that encourage visitors to explore and engage.

If you are able to help by providing building materials, plants, or just a pair of willing hands, please email Dan Tighe at For more information, please visit the Facebook event page.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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