Highgate Community Forum

When: Monday 26 October, 14:00 onwards
Where: Horton Square, Highgate, B12 0YR

Highgate Community Forum isĀ building a strong, cohesive, community group, and as neighbours, need our help.

The chairperson of the forum is inviting all supporters to the BIG Bang Street Clean Up on Monday, which will be focusing on Horton Square. The event will join local residents, businesses, and schools together, sending a clear message that rubbish in Highgate will not be tolerated.

Local businesses have donated food, and tea will be provided for volunteers at the Mosque and Church. The plan is to hold a clean up event once every three months in future.

Further information can be found on the Facebook event page. Any questions can be sent to highgatecommunityforum@hotmail.com or call 07740072683. You can also find Highgate Community Forum on Twitter.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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