Homeless Clean Up Digbeth

Digbeth-based charity SIFA Fireside offers its clients opportunities to volunteer, and this latest venture sees them give straight back to the community.

Armed with litter picking equipment (funded from Proceeds of Crime), a team of SIFA’s clients headed out to Digbeth to collect any rubbish they could find. They certainly didn’t struggle, collecting ten bags of litter in one session!

A team will be going out on a regular basis to clean up our streets, which not only will improve the local environment here in Digbeth, but will also promote a positive relationship between the area and the homeless people who pass through it.

It is hoped that by volunteering, clients of SIFA Fireside can demonstrate their work ethic, as well as boost their confidence and commitment to returning to paid employment.

If you’d like to support SIFA Fireside, you can donate either £5 or £10 by texting ‘SIFA05 £5’ or ‘SIFA05 £10’ to 70070. £5 can help buy a hot meal for four people, tea for 100 people every day for a week or five woolly hats for rough sleepers. Likewise, £10 could buy 26 tins of soup, ingredients for the weekly cookery lesson, or 20 bottles of shampoo.

For more information, visit the SIFA Fireside website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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