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The Secretary of State for Transport Patrick McLoughlin has issued under the Town and Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (England) Order 2010, safeguarding directions to Local Planning Authorities (LPAs) along most of the Phase One Route.

Safeguarding is an established part of the planning system, designed to protect land which has been earmarked for major infrastructure from conflicting developments which might otherwise occur. As we are currently consulting on the proposed tunnel beneath the Bromford corridor, this section of the route has not been safeguarded. It will not be safeguarded until the analysis on the consultation responses is complete and a final decision is made by the Secretary of State.

To read the Secretary of State For Transport’s Statement in full please click here. HS2 Ltd has set up a dedicated area of our website to provide members of the public with information about Safeguarding. This can be accessed here or via the HS2 Ltd public enquiries line on 0207 944 4908.

The recent Judicial Review ruling upheld 1 of 10 challenges that the consultation process conducted in 2011 was unfair in the way it covered compensation issues. The ruling found that insufficient information had been provided and that the criteria by which compensation options were considered were not adequately explained. The judge also found that the Government had not fully considered the HS2 Action Alliance’s detailed response on compensation.

The judgement only affects the discretionary compensation scheme consulted on from October 2012 to January 2013. Statutory compensation is unaffected so we are proceeding with safeguarding which will enable the Statutory Blight provisions to come into effect.

However, the judgement does mean that the Government will conduct another public consultation on the subject of additional discretionary property measures. The Department of Transport expects to start the consultation shortly.

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