Kan-ye see it?

I saw this tweet on Friday, but it didn’t really make sense…

It turns out that self-styled rap superstar Kanye West (or his label – you decide) announced he would be showing exclusive projections of his new video for New Slaves in four locations around Birmingham, one of which was Digbeth.

The video débuted in 66 locations around the world last week, including Toronto, Berlin, Paris, Sydney, and Los Angeles. As well as Birmingham, Friday saw screenings in Milan, Auckland, San Diego, and California, but the projections in Houston were all shut down by police.

Whatever you think of Kanye and his music, you can’t deny that this certainly is an innovative way of promoting a new music video, and it’s great that Digbeth was a part of it.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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