Love for The Kerryman

Iconic pub, The Kerryman, has been receiving quite a bit of love around Digbeth of late.

Tim Hudson left a lovely review of the Irish inn on Digbeth is Good this week, stating:

I have just left the Kerryman at 4am and rather weirdly have arrived home feeling compelled to lavish praise primarily on the door staff closely followed by the bar staff rather than sink drunkenly into my bed.
The Kerryman accommodates an eccentric clientele, each and all are treated with respect but fast and firm discipline should they forget their place.
The Guinness was good but was second to the hospitality shown by the Head doorman.
I would recommend this pub to those elder and perhaps not fashion conscious visitors to Birmingham who would prefer not to run the gauntlet of the ‘Door policy’ You will be made welcome here.

If that wasn’t enough, did you know that you can now take a tour of the insides of the pub using Google Maps’ Street View?
Have a play using the arrows on the below map to see for yourself! Although, if you live in Digbeth, I’d certainly recommend going to have a look inside instead! 🙂

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Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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