Made By Young People

Made By Young People are a print business with a conscious. Based in Digbeth, MBYP employ and educate young people in business and enterprise, while providing a high-quality print service to their customers. Although they are currently undergoing a rebrand (new logo below), that’s not the only change afoot…

MYBP Founder and CEO, Lee Blake, told us that he has made a big decision to give notice on their current premises on Lombard Street: “We now have six weeks to find a new place, otherwise we are in trouble! Ideally we would stay within Digbeth, but we need at least 1000-2000ft² and a parking space or two. We want to utilise ALL of the equipment we already have, and have a HQ large enough to hold workshops for young people on site.”

Fingers crossed they find something soon, and hopefully stay in Digbeth! If you know of any spaces that might suit MBYP’s needs (and modest budget) then please do get in touch via their website, Facebook or Twitter.

Click here to read their latest newsletter in full.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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