Midlands Media Awards 2013

I was lucky enough to be invited along to the Midlands Media Awards 2013 by the School of Media at Birmingham City University, who had sponsored one of the categories.

In September, the School of Media will be moving to their shiny new Parkside Building at Millennium Point, right next to Eastside City Park, so it was great to make friends with our soon-to-be neighbours in Digbeth.

Upon arrival at the awards ceremony, I was delighted to see that there was another Digbeth connection, as Ember Television (who are based in Rhubarb on Heath Mill Lane) were recording the evening! You can watch their video handy work below.

As the awards began flying off the stage, I was quietly anticipating the results of the Blogger of The Year category, only to discover that the entries “were not of a high enough quality” to warrant an award. This was very disappointing: the Awards organisers did little to promote the new Blogger category, so unsurprisingly did not receive many submissions.

As a hyperlocal blogger sat with other hyperlocal bloggers Ross Hawkes (from Lichfield Live) and Dave Harte (of Bournville Village), both who produce fantastic blogs for their localities, we were shocked by the announcement not to give an award. All three of us know of great high-quality blogs run by passionate people, which could have easily given the award winners a run for their money.

The fact that the organisers of the awards did not approach people outside the traditional media to inform them of this new category was not unnoticed by us (read Ross’ take on it here). So we’ll be keeping an eye out next year to ensure the hard often unpaid work of bloggers in the Midlands is not unrewarded again.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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