Polish in Digbeth

When: Sunday 2nd March, 15:00-19:00
Where: Spotted Dog, 104 Warwick Street, Digbeth, B12 0NH

We are all familiar with the fact that Irish migrants have long called Digbeth home. Some people know that the Chinese Community Centre Birmingham is based on Bradford Street, and that Digbeth also houses a Somali Youth Centre. Very few know about the history and traditions of the Polish community in Digbeth…

Polish Millennium House on Bordesley Street is the epicentre of the Polish community in Birmingham. The building houses, amongst other services, The Karczma Polish Restaurant. Allison Street is home to Birmingham’s premier Polish Shop, stockists of all staple ingredients and even a Polish delicatessen! And Saint Michael’s Church on Moor Street even holds a Sunday service in the Polish language.

To celebrate this, Polish in Digbeth are holding an event at The Spotted Dog this Sunday to introduce as many people as possible to Polish culture. A collaboration between Digbeth Residents Association, Polish Expats Association (who are also based in Digbeth) and Polish Artists in London, Polish in Digbeth will include:

  • A chance to try some tasty Polish food for free
  • A film screening
  • Stories from Polish folklore
  • Traditional Polish music

Come join us in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere to induct yourself into all things Polish!


Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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