Project Backpack

When: Friday 6th February 2015, 19:00-22:00
Where: Centrala Gallery, Unit 4 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, B5 5RT

As part of February’s Digbeth First Friday, artist Adrian Platkovsky will bring Backpack, a collection of thirty 15×15 centimeter-sized canvases, to Digbeth.

Backpack was created with the intention of being displayed in a variety of spaces around the world. Each canvas depicts a different geometric form, which when placed together, constitute one abstract composition. One of its elements, just like a footprint, will stay at the place of each exhibition, replaced with a new, different piece consistent with the rest of the collection.

This non-commercial exhibition/travel is intended to promote Platkovsky’s idea of understanding art as a medium that crosses any barriers and borders. For more information visit the PEA website, or if you have any questions, please contact

If you are interested in joining the arts team at PEA, assisting with the programming, marketing and running of the Centrala Gallery and Café, click here to learn more about becoming a Creative Apprentice.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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