Project Pigeon Theatre

Over the past year, Project Pigeon has been working on The Birmingham Pigeon Archive, an archive about the history and culture of pigeon fancying in Birmingham. Collaborator Mandy Ross has written three radio plays based on material collected for the archive, and Project Pigeon would like to rework these plays to be performed live by actors from Rogue Theatre at Project Pigeon’s loft.

The plays contain many fascinating and funny stories from the archive: Bernard and Betty Hemming found love through pigeons; John wanted pigeons so much that when he was a young lad he coaxed one of his neighbours pigeons into a little hutch he made and dyed it purple so that his neighbour wouldn’t recognise it; then there is the darker side of pigeon racing, the rivalry, the cheating and the money.

This would be the first ever piece of theatre performed at a pigeon loft, but funds are needed to make this innovative event a possibility. To learn more about the initiative and to pledge your support, please visit the Kickstarter website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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