Rave reviews for Digbeth Dining Club!

So… it’s almost lunchtime on a Friday, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be feeling more than a little bit peckish. Maybe you’re planning what to have for dinner tonight?

Instead of slaving over the stove, why not pop down to Digbeth Dining Club at Spot*light (opp. Air Nightclub, Lower Trinity Street, Digbeth, B9 4AG) for some delicious street food?

It’s not just us raving about them, see below for a fantastic review from Whisk (the company of Nick Holzherr, The Apprentice 2012 finalist):

‘Street Food’ is still a relatively new concept in the UK; cities all over the world including Hong Kong and New York are well known for their amazing street food. Back in August, The Digbeth Dining Club and Spot*light brought the concept to Birmingham! The Digbeth Dining Club describe their aim to ‘introduce the best locally sourced ‘street food’ to Birmingham’s trendy artistic hub, by creating a platform for the West Midlands’ finest street artisans to produce incredible food in front of their customers – by providing honest food that you can trust, at affordable prices’. I took very little convincing.

Last Friday, my growling stomach, some friends and I decided to check out The Digbeth Dining club. We were not disappointed. There is something mouth-wateringly appealing about hot food being made in front of you. Rather than ordering from a menu, you can see and smell what you might like to eat. After effectively inhaling the pheasant and fig wrap (you should have seen the look the guy I bought it from gave me, he thought I was something off Doctor Who), I perused the pizza stand where they were just making up fresh dough; I could taste it in the air. I saw lavishly topped fresh dough thrown into a pizza oven and cooked until it was a gorgeous mess of cheese and loveliness, with the little hiss of steam that comes off a properly fresh, thin pizza crust when you bite into it. Half crunchy, half soft. All perfect. I demolished the entire pizza, more appreciative of its hot savory tastiness, whilst standing in the crisp evening air. This was not on the same level as any pizza you defrost, but pizza made lovingly from scratch, by a large Italian man, called Giuseppe … ok maybe he wasn’t, but you get the idea.

My friends and I did NOT share, mainly because the food was so reasonably priced, the whole pizza was £5, yes £5… amazing. I absolutely recommend you take a wander (or eventually a waddle – in my case) around the Digbeth Dining club.

Sounds delish!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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