Reservoir Warehouse

Digbeth resident Rosie takes a police officer 'hostage'...

Two weeks ago, Jameson Cult Film Club came to Digbeth to screen the cult classic Reservoir Dogs to 500 film fans at Gibb Street Warehouse.

Inspired by the film’s warehouse, the story was brought to life with an immersive experience that transported fellow Digbeth resident, Rosie Pocklington, and I, into the world of the film.

We were greeted at the warehouse by Mr Pink and Mr White. We then spied in on Joe Cabot’s notorious briefing, saw the infamous shootout unravel before our eyes, and learned Mr Blonde’s legendary ‘Stuck in the Middle’ dance routine.

The packed screening and queues outside proved that people are far from scared of coming to Digbeth. Here’s hoping other organisations will see the potential of the unique venues available for their own events!

Here’s a picture of Rosie taunting the captured police officer, and some more photos from the event:

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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