Safety and security in Digbeth

There was a spate of robberies in Digbeth at the end of October. Thankfully this seems to have been a case of isolated activity, but Digbeth Residents Association want to ensure that potential thieves are not provided with the opportunity to cause damage and distress to any residents again.

All the residential blocks in Digbeth have secure access code protected entrances. However, these are only effective if residents do not share the access codes or allow others to ‘tail-gate’ them into their homes.

Working with West Midlands Police, DRA is promoting a simple set of five rules for residents to follow to keep our community safe:

  1. When you are leaving your residence, ensure that all doors are closed securely behind you.
  2. Ensure to lock all doors and windows when you are not at home – an opportunist thief only needs 30 seconds to cause distress.
  3. Report any suspicious behaviour or individuals to West Midlands Police immediately – the safety of our community is not a waste of their time! Contact details are available here.
  4. If you are not at home, don’t advertise this to potential thieves. Use timer switches on lights, or leave a radio on to deter any potential trouble-makers.
  5. Last but not least, do not let anyone follow you in to your block! If they are a genuine visitor, they should not need to tail-gate anyone in. Treat the shared access door as the entrance to your home – you wouldn’t allow a stranger to follow you into your living room, so don’t let them in to your block either!

We urge all residents to stay vigilant to help keep our Digbeth community protected from harm. If anyone saw suspicious behaviour on Bradford Street on Tuesday 30th October between 14:15-15:15, please do get in touch. You can contact DRA anonymously on, or call Crimestoppers free on 0800 555 111.

Stay safe Digbeth!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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