Launch: Friday 17 March
Where: 54–76 Bissell Street, Birmingham, B5 7HP

Did you know that the Phillips screw head was developed on the outskirts of Digbeth?

Just another invention to add to our bow; and to add to our roster of pioneering venues, [scru:club] is opening next Friday in the Ephraim Phillips Building on Bissell Street – between Digbeth and Highgate.

The club will open in three stages, first with the main Ephraim Room and smaller Phillips Room, hold 1,000 revellers in total. The next phase in April will see the opening of a huge indoor garden bar, followed by the final phase in the summer, where the club’s car park will be converted into an outdoor terrace. Increasing capacity to 4,000, this will also allow all-day (outside) and all-night (inside) parties.

Based over three floors, [scru:club] also plans to showcase local artistic talent, acting as premises for independent businesses. Outline tattoo studio is the first to move in, but we’re sure more will follow!

Visit [scru:club]’s website to learn more.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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