Second talk about local session at Stanhope Hall in Highgate

Stanhope Hall

On Monday the talk about local team went to Stanhope Hall in Highgate for a second session.  We kicked off with  working with the Stanhope Women’s Group on developing the site they created during the fist session.

The Stanhope Women’s Group plan to use their WordPress blog to cover the hive of activity that is the Stanhope Hall centre, talking about things such as their garden, which grows some of the food that’s eaten in their community lunches and the herbs for the womens’ group’s holistic medicine course.

Stanhope Hall garden

We helped a member of the Highgate Neighbourhood Forum create a WordPress blog to keep track of reporting issues to the council and making sure these are resolved.

We also spoke to the person behind Abacus Flats (Bradford Street, Digbeth) about using the WordPress blog help create a sense of community amongst the residents.

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