Securing Empty Buildings around Digbeth

For those of you who attended the December Digbeth Residents Association (DRA) meeting, you will have heard DRA Secretary Pam update residents on this new development.

Neighbourhood Police Officers PC Bates and PS Wood recently informed Pam recently that Birmingham City Council are beginning a drive to secure empty buildings around Digbeth, as these pose a potential arson risk. The owners of the empty buildings will be first given the opportunity to secure the entrances themselves, but if this is not completed, the Council will undertake the task and bill the owner for the work.

The photo is of a letter posted onto the side of 250 Bradford Street, the unoccupied warehouse on the corner of Bradford Street and Alcester Street in Digbeth. The entrance to the building was recently breached, but has now been secured.

You may wonder why this is being done? The simple answer is this: every arson costs the state on average £9,000 in Fire Service, Policing and Investigation costs. The reality is that £9,000 is an average, and for the large former warehouse buildings in Digbeth, the cost is likely to be much more.

I, for one, as DRA Secretary and Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator think this is a smart move, and welcome any future postive developments. To keep up to date with Neighbourhood Watch news, go to and click ‘Sign up’ in the top right corner. If you input a Digbeth postcode, you will then be invited to join the Digbeth Residents Association Neighbourhood Watch Scheme.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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