Shabana to Save our Markets!

Our local MP, Shabana Mahmood, has been a vocal supporter of Digbeth Residents Association, attending the Digbeth Summit in February; fighting our corner regarding the proposed Digbeth Enterprise Zone by writing to Birmingham City Council on our behalf; and questioning what happened to our application for Community Chest Funding way back in Spring 2011 (more on that soon!).

Now, Shabana is helping to support our campaign to save the Bullring Wholesale Markets, by putting further pressure on the Council to reconsider their proposed actions:

After months of uncertainty, we are still no nearer finding out the fate of our wholesale markets.

Public support for the markets is clear – last month, a 40,000 signature petition was handed in to Birmingham City Council, calling for the markets to either be left where they are, or be funded to move.

Is Birmingham City Council rising to this challenge? Sadly, no. It is dithering, while the threat to our markets goes on. Now we’re told that a decision might not come until after the local elections in May! It’s just not fair to leave the traders hanging on like this.And it’s not just the traders who will suffer if the markets are lost. In November, a report revealed that without the markets, prices in the city’s restaurants could soar by £2 a dish.

All this uncertainty is damaging our city. I’m calling on the Council to stop dithering, and commit to securing the market’s future, either on the current site, or by funding a move. But I need your help.Please show your support for our markets by filling in this short survey by clicking the link here.

DRA would encourage everyone to complete Shabana’s survey to keep piling on the pressure. As our MP, Shabana is there to help us, but can’t do anything unless she knows what the problems are. If you would like to bring any issues to her attention, please find her contact details on her website. On her last visit to Digbeth, Shabana Mahmood also left some handy information leaflets with Digbeth Residents Association – if you’d like one, please tweet us!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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