Shebeen Sounds at Vivid Projects

When: Friday 11 September, 18:00-21:00
Where: Vivid Projects, 16 Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, Digbeth, B5 5RS

Presented as part of Birmingham Heritage Week, Shebeen Sounds is a new experimental research project commissioned by Vivid Projects.

Of Irish origin, shebeen first referred to bars where alcohol was sold without a licence. Moving far from its origins, shebeens in South Africa became meeting places for activists, providing space for cultural exchange and expression.

On Friday, Bobbie-Jane Gardner will share images of Birmingham’s shebeens, which will form the evening’s visual projections, whilst recordings will contribute to the soundtrack. Visitors are invited to share their memories by bringing along their own vinyl records to add to the Materials Montage Mixer.

The sounds and pictures of shebeens will be served up alongside international delicacies including Polish cakes, curry goat and Congolese teas. The evening will also feature a discussion convened by writer and presenter Gaylene Gould with Birmingham residents who have strong ties to shebeen culture in the city.

For more information, visit the Vivid Projects website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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