So, Not a Lovely War!

When: Saturday 8th November, performance starts at 19:30
Where: The Mockingbird Theatre, Custard Factory, Digbeth
Tickets: from £8 (available online here)

So, Not a Lovely War! is a new production from the Roundabout Theatre Company, featuring a cast of local performers as well as the biggest tin of Cadbury’s chocolate biscuits ration coupons will buy!

With popular songs and music from both wars, the show is set in the wash yard of Deritend’s back-to-backs. It is based on the diaries of Harry Smith who grew up in the area, and his wife Margaret, an auxiliary nurse who helped to rehabilitate shell-shocked men.

The men of Deritend have answered The Call and gone to fight for King and Country in two world wars. Back home in Allcock Street, they leave behind their sweethearts and families.

The production mixes light-hearted and poignant moments, while exploring the development of a support network among the female cast members in the absence of their partners.

For more information about show dates, venues and to book tickets, visit the RTC website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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