Spotted Dog Spoof

Digbeth is continually under the threat. Threat of over-development, threat of losing key and integral services that form part of the community, threat of losing its vibrancy and history.

Venues in our fair neighbourhood are famed for their live music and ability to put on a proper party. Yes, this can mean that they occasionally create a bit of noise, but noise is good: noise means that people are enjoying themselves, spending money, and ultimately economically benefiting the area. If we were to close down legendary venues such as The Spotted Dog, The Rainbow, Institute, or any others for that matter, Digbeth would become an incredibly boring wasteland.

Our pubs attract revellers from all over Birmingham and the West Midlands, and Digbeth Residents Association recognises that a few louder-than-average nights a month is the pay-off for living in an area that so many people want to be part of. The other vitally important note is that pubs are the centre-posts of our communities and do so much to bring people together.

The Landlord of The Spotted Dog, John Tighe, has done a fantastic job of creating a friendly local where people want to spend their time, and want be a part of the family. The community spirit is incredibly strong, and the video below is proof of the ties people have with their local – the last time John’s establishment was under threat of closure, the regulars all pulled together to create a spoof of a Stella Artois advert, resulting in a great little skit:

We understand that change can be a great thing – and a bit of tidying up and making use of dead spaces would benefit Digbeth no end – but please don’t cut out the things that make Digbeth unique and the reason many of our members chose to live here in the first place.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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