SWINDLE is a new piece of work for 2012 by Redhawk Logistica that is brought to life by its context and through interaction with people. SWINDLE and the punk art collective MSFAC have recently completed a residency at Edible Eastside.

The project features lettering inspired by typography from the graphic designer Jamie Reid, who created iconic artwork for the Sex Pistols. A low-tech approach was employed to make the 3-D letters using cardboard, papier mache and paint.

This summer, SWINDLE spent a day in Digbeth at the Warwick Bar Fete, which generated photos picturing people and the letters, re-arranged in any way they wanted. Last week, Redhawk Logistica took some photos at Eastside Green with art collective MSFAC and SWINDLE, the results of which can be seen below.

The quickly evolving skyline tells its own story, from contemporary high rise to heritage buildings under a brooding sky. The white line of hoardings reflects the themes of boundaries and occupation that MSFAC have been concerned with during their residency at Edible Eastside, where this photo has been turned into a large paste-up on the side of a shipping container.

For more information on the SWINDLE project, visit their website or Facebook.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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