The GAP Arts Project

Where: The GAP Arts Project, Jubilee Centre, Pershore Street, B5 6ND

Although The GAP Arts Project isn’t technically in Digbeth, situated in the no-man’s land between us and Southside, Digbeth First Friday bend the rules for them and so should we! 🙂

The GAP Arts Project is an independent, award-winning, youth-led arts organisation supporting young people to be creative and build a stronger community in Birmingham. They are campaigning to make their temporary arts space at Jubilee Centre a permanent civic space for young people to meet, make and manage their creative projects.

The team are hoping to raise £10,000 to create a community cinema, theatre space, craft workshop, technology hub, creative playground, social space and café. This will turn The GAP into an ongoing facility for all young people of Birmingham – the only one of its kind in the city – to help ensure that everyone regardless of their background, can have access to cultural development.

The GAP have prepared a whole range of creative rewards for their contributors for making their vision a reality, from hand-embroidered handkerchiefs and bespoke poetry to a copy of a hardback photography book and special annual awards made in your name.

Aran and Maria explain the project better than I ever could in the video below:

For more information about The GAP, visit the website, Facebook page, or Twitter.

And don’t forget to visit the crowdfunding page here!

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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