The Las Ramblas of Digbeth…

In case you missed Joe Holyoak’s November column in the Birmingham Post, which was incidentally the most-read article on their website for a good few days, here’s a snippet below:

In the Curzon Masterplan, the Metro route goes under the terminal along New Canal Street, and then turns left down Fazeley Street, past Fazeley Studios and The Bond. Digbeth Residents Association have argued that instead of going through the middle of Digbeth, the Metro should go along High Street Deritend.

The High Street route connects with a number of places where lots of people want to go. South and City College, Birmingham Coach Station, the Custard Factory and the Rainbow music venues are among them. However, there is one compelling reason why I would like to see this option chosen: it could be the catalyst for the complete redesign of High Street and its transformation into an attractive boulevard.

High Street is a medieval street, its winding profile expresses its origin as a country lane. It has a similar width to Las Ramblas in Barcelona, one of the world’s great streets; about 30 metres between buildings. Las Ramblas is also winding, because it was originally a river-bed. Could High Street Deritend be made similar (though with added Metro tracks) to Las Ramblas? I think it could.

Venture over to the Birmingham Post website to read Joe’s piece in full.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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