The Urban Folk Quartet

The Urban Folk Quartet are a band from Birmingham, whose latest album is called The Escape. Listed in The Telegraph’s Best Of Folk 2015, the band’s banjo player Dan has also been shortlisted for Best Musician in the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards 2016.

The Escape is Urban Folk Quartet’s sixth album, and the more eagle-eyed among you will recognise The Custard Factory on the album artwork (pictured). One of the tracks, Control Zed, was also inspired by Digbeth and is about “doings and undoings with rhythmic nods” to our corner of the city.

Co-founder and percussionist Tom Chapman explains more in this interview with Brum Notes magazine:

Digbeth has to be the most vibrant area of Birmingham – just look at the colours of our album art, shot at The Custard Factory for a literal example. I love the area and have a studio space there, right in the hubbub of designers, musicians and artists. I’ve also had some of the best nights of my life in Digbeth. It’s the Irish Quarter and the Creative Quarter, so you’ll find traditional folk music, cutting edge jazz, reggae sound systems, art exhibitions, film-making, warehouse parties, raves… it’s all happening somewhere in Digbeth, quite literally around the clock.

We wholeheartedly agree Tom! 🙂 For more information about The UFQ, gigs and their discography, visit the band’s website here.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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