Today’s HS2 Event

Originally written by Umar Hassan for Digbeth is Good:

Businesses and residents from Digbeth and the West Midlands attended today’s information event to learn how HS2 would impact the area.

Jonathan Lord, the West Midlands Stakeholder & Community Adviser for HS2 Ltd, said: “We’re working with partners in the area, including the [City Council] and landowners to make sure that the benefits from HS2 spill out beyond the station.”

Jonathan added about bringing potential visitors to Digbeth with the Birmingham Curzon HS2 Masterplan. He said: “One of the things is making sure that [Digbeth] looks good and improves the overall environment to potential visitors.

“There will be a new public space created beside the station and the existing Eastside City Park, which will make the whole area more attractive and create important open space. That will open up Digbeth and Eastside to the city centre and create a good vista to make it more inviting.”

Dave Smith, Managing Director for Specialz Ltd was worried about the knock-on effects on small businesses of HS2’s build schedule. Dave said: “My main worry is rent because it’s going to be a major redevelopment in this area and I’m concerned about our rents going up too much.”

Self-employed Consultant Bill Acres was positive about the HS2 development around Digbeth. He said: “Digbeth will become a really vibrant place. It’s interesting how [Millennium Point] and the buildings here are built as they are, but once that Curzon Street site is developed, this is going to be the centre of Birmingham.”

See photos from the event below:

HS2 Event 29.09.15

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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