Use Your Voice

The way you register to vote changed recently, so we wanted to remind all residents to ensure you have your say in referendums, national and local elections.

Changes to the system mean that you are now responsible for registering yourself, but you can register online quickly and easily by clicking here. Please make sure you have your National Insurance Number close to hand as you’ll need this to complete the process.

If you are a British, or a Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland citizen, you are entitled to register to vote in all elections in Britain. Citizens of European Union states are entitled to register to vote in local and European elections.

Not appearing on the electoral register may affect your credit rating for things like mobile phones, loans and mortgages as credit reference agencies use the register as part of their checks.

After submitting your application, if you are eligible you will receive confirmation from Birmingham’s Election’s Office to say you are registered.

You will need to re-register every time you change address, so don’t delay checking you are on the electoral register by visiting

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