Valentine’s Day love poem

Originally posted on Birmingham Eastside:

This morning, Curzon Street was graffitied with an unusually pleasant message, in true Valentine’s Day spirit.

Commuters noticed parts of a poem written in chalk along the curb, from the University Locks to Birmingham City University’s Curzon Building. The message read:

“It started with walks in the park
That turned into (unreadable)
Followed by adventures to cities
That would rival Walter Mitty’s
Your eyes are so warm
And I’m a bit brawn
However your heart’s really clever
I hope we last forever
So meet me at three
For chocolate + coffee

Ps. All women are beautiful, have a lovely day!”

Although the message may not make complete sense, it certainly became a popular topic within the campus and entertained those who walked by.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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