Vehicle safety and capture cars

Digbeth Residents Association would like to remind all patrons of Digbeth to be extra vigilant of the safety of their vehicles during the summer.

Digbeth has relatively low crime rates considering our central city location, but at least half of all crime in Digbeth is vehicle-related. With the warmer months approaching, please ensure that you close all windows, lock your car and keep any valuables out of sight of opportunist thieves while parking in the area.

The Digbeth police use innovative ways of discouraging vehicle crime by operating high-visibility patrols, dome-hawk cameras and even capture cars. Capture cars are rigged unmarked police cars with secret cameras and satellite navigation that are left in known hotspots for vehicle theft.

Thefts from vehicles are usually carried out in a matter of seconds, often with no witnesses or CCTV footage, but capture cars enable West Midlands Police to trap thieves red-handed.

We’ve included a video of a capture car in action below, just as additional caution to any wannabe thieves. For more information about keeping your vehicle safe, please visit safer motors website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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