Waste isn’t Rubbish

Birmingham Friends of the Earth is campaigning to make better use of the resources in Birmingham’s waste.

Our city regularly comes bottom of the league for recycling in the Midlands. We only recycle around 30% of our household waste, compared to over 50% in other areas of the Midlands and over 60% in Wales.

Waste is a valuable resource that could be utilised to make energy, but most of Birmingham’s waste is burned in the Tyseley Incinerator, which produces substantially less energy than could be achieved using other means.

For example, over 40% of Birmingham’s waste could be composted or recycled in a food waste collection; this could then be turned into biogas (and fertiliser), which could be fed back into the grid or used to power buses!

If you agree that Birmingham needs a to make better use of its resources, there are many ways to support the Waste isn’t Rubbish campaign:

To read more about the campaign, click here to visit the Birmingham FOE website or click here to download the Waste isn’t Rubbish leaflet.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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