Wellcome Image Awards 2016

When: Wednesday 13th April
Where: Thinktank Planetarium, Millennium Point, Curzon Street, Digbeth, B4 7XG

Millennium Point has been chosen as one of 15 worldwide venues to exhibit a selection of award-winning images from the Wellcome Image Awards 2016 – a competition rewarding the creators of the best science-imaging techniques from across the world.

This year’s images include include pathways of nerve fibres in the brain, delicate golden scales on a Madagascan sunset moth, a digitally reconstructed skeleton showing atheroma and the ‘furring up’ of arteries that supply blood to the brain, in someone who has had a stroke.

A selection of the winning images will be on display in the entrance to Thinktank’s Planetarium from tomorrow. For more information about the exbition, visit the Millennium Point website.

Pamela Pinski

Digbeth and Proud

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